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Product specifications

WRITEBOARD marker boards are the modern alternative to traditional whiteboards. WRITEBOARDS are designed to meet the specific demands of the classroom, hospital room, or conference room. Manufactured using 6 millimeter (1/4"), low-iron tempered safety glass that provides a super-hardened surface that will not ghost or stain, WRITEBOARDS are custom designed for our clients and we provide complete graphic design services.

Key Features:

  • Borderless/frameless design
  • Super hardened surface that will not ghost or stain
  • Custom graphic design
  • Low-iron glass for true color graphics
  • Cleans easily, no harsh chemicals needed
  • Custom sizes

Section 10115 - Fixed dry-erase marker boards

2597 Cleveland Ave N.
Roseville, Minnesota 55113


Components: (front to back)

  • Substrate 6 millimeter tempered low iron glass
  • Adhesive vinyl sheet with graphics
  • Weight approximately 3.27 lbs. per square foot

Edge condition:

  • Flat polish and square corners
  • Flat ground and square corners
  • Pencil polish and square corners
  • Pencil ground and square corners

Mounting options:

  • Track mounting with continuous top and bottom channel and polished vertical glass edges
  • Adjustable panel edge grips with all 4 sides of glass polished
  • Stainless steel standoff hangers with all 4 sides of glass polished, holes are required in the glass to use this mounting product


  • Marker tray (extruded aluminum)


  • Factory-applied custom vinyl to the #2 surface


  • Follow installation instructions provided by WRITEBOARD
  • Install WRITEBOARD plumb, level, and square
  • Mount securely using hardware supplied by WRITEBOARD


  • Clean the WRITEBOARD after installation
  • Do not use cleaners that are not recommended for glass


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